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Enriching Journeys offer unique trips that combine the thrill of a African Safari with the life affirming experience of supporting and visiting effective charity and wildlife research groups Botswana and Zimbabwe.

We know that you have a deep wish to support the people and environments you visit. With hundreds of charities it is impossible to know who is effective. Find out firsthand and combine a sense of adventure with the great feeling of being able to help out! You will visit groups that we personally guarantee are enacting cultural, social and environmental changes in the region. This makes sure your contribution goes to accountable and responsible charities, and you will have a memorable and rewarding adventure.

We offer budget conscious ‘Classic Safaris’- where an experienced guide and staff accompany you camp in exclusive site in the heart of Botswana’s untouched wilderness. These are non-participation safaris meaning you don’t cook or erect the camp and you will be in comfortable tents and eating home-cooked meals accompanied by local wine each evening. Travel between sites is generally in a safari vehicle.

Or you can choose to pamper yourself on a ‘Luxury Safari’ - where you fly between World class lodges located throughout Botswana. The lodges are simply incredible merging top-class guides, unique architecture, gourmet meals, every convenience and locations that cannot be beat! Watch the incredible scenery and animal interactions from the comfort of your private room and enjoy daily activities such as game drives and boat cruises.

You can choose one of our recommended safari itineraries that include visits to Research Organisations and Charities in the region. Or if none of these suit work with us to create a bespoke itinerary that meets your wishes and we will deliver your dream holiday.

…view a personal presentation from wildlife researchers before having an intimate group dinner with them, gaining a deeper understanding of the natural environs you view on safari and the pressures facing them. Or spend the afternoon playing soccer and helping with homework at a local children’s shelter for the orphaned or disadvantaged and seeing how open and quick to smile the children are despite the hardships they face.